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Praying for Friends!

I have had 2 friends call me this morning and request prayer! It is so hard to see your friends struggling, you wish you could just make everything go away. I would like to request prayer for both of my friends.

Friend #1: Called today upset and crying because she started a new bible study and her husband is giving her a really hard time about church. He has a morman background and he believes that all churches are ran like a business. I tried to cheer her up and tell her satin was just attacking her and that maybe God was testing her, trying to get her back on the right path with him and where she needs to be. She hasn’t been going on a constant basis with her kids and now that she is trying so hard to get back on the right path it is putting a strain on their marriage. he says he  is saved but thinks he can do everything he needs to do at home. basically wants to be called saved with “priviledges” or “exceptions” to Gods will. Please preay that God will give her the wisdom and the words on how to talk to her husband and the strength to carry on and not give up!


Friend #2 about 10 mins after friend #1 hung up , friend #2 called and told me her cousin found his 14 year old son in the closet and he had hung himself. He managed to revive him and he was in a coma.Now he is on life support and if there is no brain activity then they will have to take him off. Please pray for this family, it looks like there were struggles in the home and all 4 kids were living with dad after a divorce a couple of months ago. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now!!!!


One thing that stood out to me is I must be doing something right for them to think of me and call and ask me to pray for them. With everything I have been going through its nice to know that the struggles I have been going through to stay on the right path with God no matter what satan throws my way is finally paying off.Sometimes I feel I am so hard on myself that I do sometimes wonder if I am doing everything I am supposed to do to let my light shine. Its great that God can use things like this to bring you up even though tragedy is involved. God some how manages to let a little ray of light shine through!

Food For Thought!!!!! :

My question to you? How does your LIGHT shine? How bright is it? Do you have a story to share or struggle you need prayer about?

Update on Daniel

Well lets see it is 8:57 on Saturday night at St. Anthonys Hospital and Daniel is sound to sleep. I did not want to wake them so I walked down to the nurses station and of course started talking about coupons LOL. The nurses were asking me for my business card and quickly showed me a computer I could use. They have been so nice!!! They are really good with Daniel, they give him that extra push he needs to get up and get well.(LOL ok so the nurse just walked in while I was typing she thought she heard a ghost LOL) I told her I was talking about her.

Looks like Daniel will be staying till Wed. at least. Its going to be hectic because I have to go back to work on Monday and the kids start school next week. I probably won’t be able to come as much and that makes me sad. I know he will be well taken care of but it’s hard not being up here with him. Just keep praying for him that this surgery will work. While you are it don’t forget to pry for Loraine and Beverly at church as they are in the hospital to. Pastor has been up here visiting and he always knows how to cheer the place up LOL. I think it has been really nice seeing Daniel’s mom talking to Pastor. I told Daniel maybe his mom is th reason he is going through this , maybe its all for her. I know he worries about her and the kids are always aking me if she will come to church and if she is saved. It breaks my heart everytime they ask as I do not have the answer. Well i guess I better go as they will be kicking me of this computer any sec. Thank you for all the cards and prayers!




Ok so funny little quirky things have been happening lately for example.


We went to pick out a refrigerator and out of the blue my 8 year old starts crying. I’m like what’s wrong? He says to me.. “Mom I don’t want to give up our old refrigerator, I’m attached to it!” I’m like are you kidding me its a refrigerator LOL!!!!! After some talking and walking around the store we found out it was because he thought the new one did not have water in the door LOL!!!!! (water spout is on the inside). So all is well in that category. Someone bought our old refrigerator today and holy cow I never knew that much stuff could fit under the refrigerator. Hot wheels, money, spoons, magnets, hockey pucks you name it. It was like a treasure trove for oompa loopas LOL.

Then Last night my 11 year old is playing with Simba our cat and she is like “Mom what is this and I open my hand up and she drops something weird in it. I pause… look at it… and Oh my gosh it’s the cats boob!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard that right the cats boob!!!!!!  ROFL!!!! It fell off!!!! I was teasing her asking her why she pulled the cats boob off LOL, I think I heart here feelings though and had to tell her I was just kidding! Then I ran to my hubby and sais look at this he was like what is it and I was like the cats boob. He just gave me the oddest look and started cracking up laughing , he thought I was kidding.

So now what do I do ? Do I worry? he looks fine nothing is bleeding so I guess he is ok. I have heard of them losing there claws but not there boobs?

Well as you can see there is always something exciting going on in the house, we are definatly never board.

I finally got my husband to sign up for my website and start posting. I think it will be a good outlet for him.That now makes a total of 7700 ladies and 3 guys LOL!!! Hey what’s wrong with guys wanting to save money too? LOL!!! They are a hoot and they keep the site fun and best of all I know at least 2 are Christians!!  My next goal is to get him posting here on my blog.

Well thats all for tonight folks I could write more but I can tell daniel is getting tired so until tomorrow!



                                 Things That I am Thankful for ! This could get long.


My husband who calls me at work just to ask me how my day is and tell me he loves me.

My mom who watches my kids every day this summer and never complains LOL

My son crawling up in the chair to just to give me a cuddle and a kiss and says mom you can watch whatever you want.

A job that allows me to still do the things I love to do and a great boss that understands me.

My daughter who is growing up so fast who has taken on tasks around the house just to help out and never complains.

A MIL that offers to help out when times are tough and whom my kids adore!!!

A friend who stomp on my ants that I cannot get rid of who drive me crazy LOL you know who you are hee hee.

A friend whom trusts in me and makes me feel special and in whom I can share my most private things. Ok so lets do that one x3 LOL

Going out in the mornings to let my dogs out and letting the sun shine on face and listening to the birds chirp. Ah do I really have to go to work??

Being able to use my talents to help others

Singing at church

Passing my 6month review with flying colors

My Isabella who cuddles up to me at keeps me warm at night without licking my toes LOL

My guard Cat yes I have a Guard Cat LOL She scares people LOL

Getting letters in the mail from teachers telling me how proud they are that my son loves Jesus

Learning how to finally say no and speak up for myself

ok there is going to have to be a part 2 to this one LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well It’s a Official. Daniel called me today and told me he is going to have to go on disabillity. Please pray for me and my attitude. I know he has tried so hard not to but it looks like God has other plans. Most of you know I have been struggling going back to work because I have been a stay at home mom for years. I feel like I miss out on so much now that on what my kids are doing.But I was keeping myself going because with both of us working we were no longer struggling with medical bills and my kids were actually able to do things we could not normally afford to do. So I kept telling myself its for the best.

We will be contacting an attorney to get all the legal stuff going(friend of the family who specializes in this sort of thing) and Daniel wants me to go to dinner with a friend of his and his wife who are going through the same thing. At least Daniel will now get to spend more time with the kids than he used to.

I know that Devil is working on me because I sometimes think of only the bad things going on and most of them are just plain selfish. Like saving up to build a room on to our house. We have always wanted to move but we know we can’t afford it so building on a room would be the next best thing and it’s something we really need.That will probably be put on the back burner now.

Not only that but I have been struggling with losing some special friends lately not because something between us happened but because God was moving them away and starting new challenges for them making it hard for us to make time for each other now that I am working. Its hard to sometimes let those friendships go. Not totally but you know they won’t be like they used to.

I have also been struggling with other issues to .Some I can only give little details about. I have been struggling latley with the way people treat each other. I guess I still live in this nieve world that when you say you are a friend , you don’t just act like it when you are around someone, then pretend otherwise when you are with other people. Sometimes God lets you see things that you don’t want to and I sometimes often wonder why? I feel like lately people have been walking around like stain glassed windows and that God has been allowing me to see things as they really are and they don’t even know it. Because its through their actions, not neccessarily by things they say. It’s so normal to them now that they probably don’t even notice it themselves. It makes me so sad see people treat each other so badly and then not even notice they are doing it. Have we become so thick skinned that the holy spirit can’t prick our hearts anymore? I know I seem like I’m talking more about other people and not myself too but I already know whats wrong in my area’s thats why I am asking you to pray about it LOL I can use all the help I can get!!!!!! It will be a long time before my personal list gets crossed off.

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself and thats ok. If it takes posting on a blog just to get me through the day and get me in a better mood before I get home then so be it.

Some people may read my blog and get inspired, some may read it and get mad and gossip and some just may not read it at all LOL.  This is kinda my comfort zone where I can sit back and release whats bothering so I don’t bring it home with me. I really should be blogging more often and I will definatly make it a point!

We all have had a fight with someone sometime or another and often it leaves you sad, lonely, upset, and some times just flaming mad (as my daughter would call it). I hate fighting with my husband and I’d be crazy if I thought that our marriage was perfect and that we would never fight. Hello!!!!!! He’s a man right? LOL just kidding, I’ve started my share too. When we first got married we would never go to bed angry. But now that we are older, have 2 kids, I’ve started a new job and my husband has a non curable disease it’s gotten harder to do that.

Well this week I had a huge revelation if thats what you want to call it. After I had a very long deep discussion(not sure if you would call it a fight but pretty close to it)with my husband something happened.

After 11 years of marriage I found myself once again feeling the way I did the day we got married. When other times I would be in a scurry at work to get things done thinking about what I need to do next, i’m now just trying to concentrate on my job because I can’t stop thinking about him throughout the day. I find my self watching the clock waiting for that little hand to touch the 5 so I can jump up outta my chair and run home to see him. The last couple of days I have been calling him all day long just to hear his voice only to be frustrated that he dosn’t answer because he’s working. You think I am driving him nuts yet? I wonder if he even notices the change? Ok so can I tell you I am having butterflies in my stomach right now typing this.

Well I don’t know what happened but I am sure glad it did, I feel like our marriage is refreshed. If it takes a small fight to feel this way then so be it. I think sometimes its good to just have it out instead of bottling everything up inside then blowing up on each other.Maybe alittle fuss can be healthy to a realtionship? You may just find out that your marriage is stronger than you thought and with God’s help and the love you have for each other you can over come any battle.

I’m no expert but it sure did something for our marriage!